Chicken in creamy mustard sauce

Chicken in creamy sauce
chicken with creamy sauce and asparagus

Served 4

I popped in Tesco the other day and they were selling off some out of date asparagus (50p), I also found a withered looking leek in the bottom of the fridge and some mushrooms that clearly needed using… I came up with this and it was clean plates all round!

Chicken Dish

Fry 1 leek in some oil (if you don’t have leek you could use onion)

Squeeze a couple of garlic cloves through a press and add to the leek

Add some chicken breasts (I bought a massive bag of frozen fillets from Iceland for £5 – only used 4 pieces) still have loads left for next week!

Add a glug of water (or white wine if you have some open)

Crumble a chicken stock cube over and stir (leave it to cook, keep checking and stirring when you feel it necessary)

Once the chicken looks cooked throw in some mushrooms, stir wait a couple of minutes then add a spoonful of mustard ( I used dijon) add pepper (I didn’t bother with salt because of the stock cube)

throw in the asparagus and stir

Add a couple of tablespoons of creme fraice and stir in some dried parsley

Serve over rice ( I buy an enormous bag of jasmine rice from the chinese supermarket – it is so easy to cook and 1 dried cup feeds all 4 of us so it lasts forever!)

All my family enjoyed this dish and it cost approx £1.40 per head including the rice


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