Beef in Beer

Ok so yesterday was productive!!!

After making the Tuscan Onion Soup for lunch I got started with making the stew for dinner.

With all that poultry we’ve consumed over the festive period I have been crying out for some red meat! My tastebuds have really had their heart set on a Roast beef dinner but at nearly £7 for a decent joint that was out of the question this week 😦

I opted for one of my favourties….Beef in Beer and here’s the recipe should you wish to give it a go!

Sunday Lunch
Slow Cooked Beef in Beer

Beef In Beer

Fry on a medium heat a pack of beef chunks, I used Asda’s frozen diced beef – I think it was £2.50 – £3.00 for the bag)

Sprinkle over a little flour, mix and stir for a few minutes

Add a chopped onion and a couple of cloves of minced garlic

Pour in a bottle of beer…I used Theakston’s but you can really use anything…Black Sheep is nice! Also, I didn’t put the full bottle in…made sure there was a little glass left over for chef 😉

Mix up

Add a couple of chopped carrots, a handful of chopped mushrooms and sprinkle over a beef stock cube.

At this point you could put any root veg that you have lagging at the bottom of the fridge that needs using up – parsnips, turnips, potatoes (you catch my drift?)

Stir it all up and bring to the boil -sprinkle in some Thyme

Then pop it in the oven (assuming you have a dish that can go on the hob AND in the oven…if not transfer from your pan into an ovenproof dish)

Oven should be about 150c and I cooked it for about 2 hours then I chucked some celery in. It was quite watery so I added a spoon of gravy granules

Back in the oven for another 15 minutes whilst you prepare any veg you want on the side…we had mashed sweet potato and broccoli

Season to taste

Beef in Beer
Beef in Beer

Costings – Approx £5 for the whole meal including the sweet potato and the broccoli

( I buy frozen broccoli from Iceland – 89p per bag and this used only a quarter of it!)

It served 4 and there were some leftovers which I made use of….see my next blog to see what came of the leftovers!!!


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