Brie and Onion Relish Tartlets

I’ve had a knock-on effect of leftover recipes….and if you read my last post MINI BEEF PIES you will know that I had a bit of shortcrust pastry left that I simply thought was rude to throw away!

I checked the fridge….found some leftover brie from the Christmas cheeseboard and a jar of caramalized onion chutney….and voila these babies were born!

Ok, so the photo looks pretty hideous, but close your eyes as these bad boys are simply divine – and considering they were made from bits that would normally have ended up in the bin I was pretty happy to revive them!


Using any leftover shortcrust pastry you have roll and cut out some circles, approx 1cm in depth

Bake blind in the oven on a muffin tray for 10 mins

Take out and pop on a blob of chutney and top with a some cubes of your brie

Bung them back in the oven and keep checking until you are happy they are ready (about another 8 mins)

Serve. Try to wait for them to cool a little as they burn your mouth. But if you are like me and are a tad greedy they will not last to see this moment. Considering they were made from leftovers it’s hard to judge how much they cost probably 5p each if you were to go out and buy the ingredients specially.

Brie and onion chutney tartlets
Brie and onion chutney tartlets

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