Mini Beef Pies

If you read my last blog BEEF IN BEER you will know that there were some leftovers.

I love thinking of new ways to get rid of leftovers and so decided to make some mini beef pies

I made up a batch of shortcrust pastry. I always used to buy shortcrust pastry (probably because of lots of bad school memories of making it!) But seriously it is super easy to make and SUPER CHEAP. Give it a go!!!

Pastry – 

Rub together 300g plain flour with 150g of butter till it resembles breadcrumbs

(the trick to this is make sure the butter is room temperature…and to cut the butter into cubes before you dump it on top of the flour!)

Then add 4-6 tablespoons of ice cold water until you have a dough like consistency (this time I used 5 tbsps – but add them a couple at a time)

Knead into a dough – then a ball then wrap the ball in cling film and bung it in the fridge for an hour!

This gave me time to bath the baby and put him to bed!!

Get a muffin tin/cake tin ready. Grease it with oil or butter

Get the ball out the fridge and roll onto your surface….cut into circular shapes that are going to cover the cake tin spaces! Pop a blob of the leftover beef in beer in the centre of each pastry circle and top with another pastry circle….pinch around the edges with a fork and poke some holes in the top of each pie!

Brush with a little milk or a beaten egg to give them a glazed look…I only used milk so they do look a bit anemic!

Bung in the oven for 25-30 mins at 180c

I guess you could put any filling you want in here but I wanted to use up some leftovers…next I might try Chicken and mushroom or cheese and onion or maybe even leftover curry! Who knows?

Seeing as this was made of leftovers I’m only counting the price of the pastry which was probably about 30p. I made 9 so they were just over 3p each!!! Would make lovely nibbles for a party or a picnic!

I froze these pies so I could get them out as and when and maybe pop them in the kids packed lunch boxes (just need to remember to lift them out the night before!)

Leftover mini beef pies
Mini Beef Pies made with leftovers

After this though I had some leftover pastry……so bedtime had to wait and another recipe was concocted…….


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