‘Bang On’ Banana Bread

When I was a kid I loved all things banana….

Banana splits, Banana milkshake and most importantly BANANA MAN!

As I grew up and stopped watching the cartoon my interest in bananas deteriorated somewhat. I watch my husband put them in the shopping trolley each week but I have no enthusiasm for them anymore. To me I see them as a total waste of money, what’s more they must be evil because you can’t even put them next to other fruit without them turning everything black!

A few years ago I would spend my Sunday afternoons chucking out all the black bananas that I found still laying at the bottom of the fridge/fruit bowl or handbag. But not now NO! This is 2015, and in our house we now WORSHIP black bananas….in fact we wait for them to deteriorate so we can have an excuse to bake a delicious banana loaf!

As a toast to my childhood I am now a bit of an expert when it comes to banana bread making…I’ve tried countless recipes and finally I’ve got it right. A delicious, moist banana tasting bread that isn’t too sweet and melts in the mouth. Last night I stumbled across a lonely pair of sad-looking banana’s and the rest is history…

Bang On Banana Bread Recipe

1.Gather your ingredients – butter, sugar, 2 eggs, milk, vanilla essence, 2 black/overripe bananas, plain flour, bicarb of soda, salt and loaf tin

banana bread ingredients
Ingredients for banana bread

In a mixing bowl stir together 100g of melted/soft butter and 1 cup of brown sugar

soft butter
Soft butter

Mix in 2 eggs with a fork (do one at a time) then add 1 tsp vanilla, and 1/4 cup of milk

Mash your bananas up in a separate bowl with a fork then add these in with the mixture

Get your 1 and a half cups of flour ready and add 1 tsp bicarb of soda to it and a few pinches of table salt.

Fold in the flour mixture into the banana mixture when it all looks nice and gooey and a bit runnier than cake batter you can pour it into your loaf tin. I advise you grease your loaf tin, or if you are super posh like me then get some loaf tin liners ( I managed to pick a pack of 15 up at the pound shop – for, well you guessed it – “a POUND!!!)

Pop in a preheated oven 170c for about 50 minutes. When you stick a wooden skewer in it should come out fairly clean but not like cake – it can still be a little squishy inside because when you lift it out the oven it will continue to cook in the metal bread tin. Pop the cake tin on top of a wire cool rack

Banana Cake Tin
Just chillin’ on a wire rack

Leave it until it’s cool to touch before you take it out, unwrap and start eating

Banana bread
The hardest part is waiting for it to cool….

As always with my posts, its all about the Money Money Money and I reckon it costs about 60p to make this and that includes the bananas – but if you were going to chuck them out anyway then this is a real leftover meal and you are saving them from the rubbish bin!


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