Baked Camembert – My Lazy Supper

Date night supper/starter 64p per person

A bit of a confession here…..

Last Saturday night the husband was planning on treating the two of us to a Chinese Takeaway (he was feeling generous!)….but he’d forgotten about some fish that he’d lifted out the freezer the day before that NEEDED eating!

Never one to waste a thing, I dug out my Chinese recipe book and said I would whip us up a fried fish starter that we could munch on whilst we decided what to order!

DISASTER…The peanut butter I had used to compensate for the fact that we didn’t have peanut oil….mixed with the lashings of salt I’d dramatically shaked all over the surface had destroyed the plan. We spent the next few hours going in and out of consciousness on the sofa in a dehydrated nauseous state….( I did say I was dramatic!)

After a few movies and several pints of water later, we concluded that it was now far too late to order a Chinese and that the pair of us had both completely gone off the idea.

We were however starting to get a little peckish….I had to act fast!

One of our favourite starters and a real ‘date-night’ winner is the super-quick and easy to prepare dipping dish of baked Camembert! A local pub serves the same thing at £8 a pop (so we’ve been told – we’ve not felt extravagant enough to go!)

Aldi had Camembert on offer this week for just 89p….4 part baked rolls are just 39p so the whole supper cost us just £1.28 which is just 64p each.

It is such a quick thing to make, requires no culinary skills and has impressed many of our last minute guests in it’s time.

Assemble the ingredients….

Date Night Starter Baked Camembert
Last minute supper saver

How to make a Baked Camembert 

Take the plastic wrapper off the cheese. Put the wooden case lid inside the bottom of the case. Pop the cheese back in it and place on a baking tray.

Slit a cross in the top of the Camembert with a sharp knife

slit the top of camembert
Slit the top

Pop it in the oven at about 180c until the four corners can be pulled back and the cheese is runny inside. About 10 minutes or until the next ad break!!!

I put the part-baked rolls in on the same tray (because I’m lazy and hate extra washing up!)

When it’s come out and you’ve pulled back the corners you can at this point dollop a spoonful of your favourite chutney in the centre

Rip up the bread and get stuck in…..

Baked camembert with chutney
Baked Camembert with chutney

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