Cheesy Broccolli Pasta with a hint of Chorizo

Cheesy Broccoli Pasta – 34p per person

The kids love pasta…..One kid loves cheese…..One kid loves chorizo……and I always love to bring veg into their meals. Hence this meal I knocked up this week.

It’s very simple- the first thing I need to make sure you can do is to make a cheese sauce. If you already know, skip yourself to the recipe –

Normally I would just have made cheesy broccoli pasta but I had some Chorizo left in the bottom of the fridge and it seemed a shame to leave it out the fun!


Melt a knob of butter in a small pan, when it’s melted add a couple of tablespoons of plain flour, whisk over the heat until it is a smooth mixture. Remove from heat add a cup of milk and return to heat….keep mixing it with the whisk (THIS IS THE PART THAT YOU LEARN WITH TIME TO GET JUST RIGHT – FIRST TIME I MADE WHITE SAUCE I STOOD FOR AGES, WORRIED IF I TURNED THE HEAT UP IT WOULD ALL GO WRONG) I’ve found though that I do need some heat for it to work and as long as I am right there mixing it up there have been no problems so far #touchwood. When you’ve got a sauce-like texture take it off the ring. If it gets too runny add more flour….if it gets too stodgy add more milk. Good luck!

When you’ve cracked this off to turn it into cheese sauce you basically just need to mix grated cheese into the sauce. Add a dash of seasoning and Bob’s your uncle!


Mine served 4

Cost 34p per person but if you want to make it vegetarian and miss out the chorizo it would be just 22p per person

Ingredients – dried pasta shells (20p), cheese sauce (30p), diced broccoli (20p), chorizo chunks (50p), salt and pepper, cheese (15p)

Cheap Midweek Meal
Cheap Midweek Meal Ingredients

Method –

Fry the chorizo chunks in a frying pan (you don’t need a lot of oil as chorizo produces its own) cook until its a nice crispy colour.

Get out a pan and cook the pasta according to pack instructions…I usually do about 100g per person (but you know your own family best!)

Add the broccoli for the last 5 minutes or so (I use frozen broccoli so it doesn’t need long, plus it tastes fresher and is cheaper!) DRAIN when its cooked – at this point I took each piece of broccoli out and chopped it up into smaller pieces

In the meantime be making your cheese sauce.

Mix the pasta/broccoli, sauce and chorizo together in an oven dish, sprinkle with grated cheese and pop under the grill until it’s nice and bubbly.

Cheesy Broccoli Pasta with Chorizo
Dinner is served

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