Raspberry Porridge


In the full spirit of trying to be more healthy this January I decided to kickstart Monday (and my first day back to work) with a somewhat more healthy porridge.

It requires very little effort and a few basic ingredients. Luckily I had them all in anyway so that was a bonus!

I used frozen raspberries (TOP TIP – if you are trying to save money on fruit the first rule is to only buy what is in season. But if you just can’t resist that then use frozen for your porridge, in smoothies and in cakes as it is so much cheaper and you don’t find mouldy berries in the bottom of your fridge that you forgot to use!)

If you are super savvy then you may have picked some wild ones in the summer and froze them….if not I find Aldi or Iceland are well priced.

Raspberry Porridge


Supermarket Basic Porridge Oats

Frozen Fruits


ingredients for raspberry porridge


Cook the porridge in a pan on the hob according to the pack instructions. This pack did say use water but I wanted a creamy start to the day not something that resembled Prison food.

Halfway through the cooking throw in half a handful of raspberries. It’s probably best to sit these on the side for half an hour before using so they have defrost. If you are lucky enough to have FRESH raspberries, use these

Stir it up and the porridge will go a lovely pink colour. Take it off the heat when it’s ready and swirl a spoonful of honey in (if you like a sweet kick) you could use sugar or syrup instead but remember – it’s January and I’m trying to kick out the sugar!

Serve with the remaining raspberries on top.


*I’m not sure of the exact cost of this breakfast as I had the ingredients in and it was a last-minute sort of make but I’m sure it didn’t break the bank!


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