Tuna Burgers



Tonights dinner was so easy to make my kids could have done it…in fact next time they shall!

Tuna Patties – Makes 8 in total


2 tins of tuna (£1.25 in total)

1 slice of bread (3p)

Zest of 1 lemon (I had some leftover from xmas and it doesnt require the inside so I will say 5p for arguments sake

Chopped chives (Free in my garden)

Parsley ( I used dried) 5p

Tabasco sauce (Again it was in my cupboard so Im not sure but will say 5p again

Salt & Pepper



Drain the tuna and pop it in a bowl. Add a splash of oil if it is a water or brine tin.

Mash out any big chunks so they are all a similar size. Rip the bread into tiny pieces and add this in. Using scissors, snip in some chives. Add about a teaspoon of parsley and grate the edge of a lemon into the mix. Add a splash of tabasco sauce, season with salt and pepper and mix it all up.

Taste it at this point and add more seasoning, lemon zest or tabasco to your tasting.

Add in an egg and mix it all up. Once its nicely mixed take 8 evenly sized pieces and roll them one by one with your hand. Flatten out and pop in fridge for about an hour (this helps them keep their shape, if you dont have time to wait for them just live dangerously and take the gamble)


When you’re ready, fry them gently in an oil/butter mix for about 3 mins each side. Serve with salad or chips or even leftover mash if you have some to use up!

Costings about £1.43 plus whatever side you want.

So total is about 36p per person

To credit its rightful owner – I stole the idea from Simply Recipes 



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