Scotch Broth


Dark nights, thick jumpers and scotch broth go hand in hand. With a price mark of about 30p a serving its a no brainer for when you’re feeling the pinch in your pocket.

This is a vegetarian version, however if you are feeling pretty flush then the traditional way would be to add lamb. Unfortunatly its January and being self employed with a back log of invoices that remain unpaid by clients I am favouring the veggie version!

The best thing about this dish is it contains pearl barley which fills your tummy no end – result – no midnight munchies for me!

Scotch Broth Recipe

100g dried scotch broth mix

(been in my cupboard for ages and just doesnt seem to come to an end- I think it was from Home Bargains or Asda. It contains pearl barley, yellow split peas, green split peas, blue peas & red split lentils

2 carrots

1 leek

1 onion

2 cloves garlic

2 celery stalks (on Aldi super 6 this week)

2 medium potatoes

Veg stock (made from stock cubes)

2 tsps Dried Thyme,

2 tsps Dried Parsley

2 tsp worcestershire sauce


Soak the dried mix according to pack (usually about 10 hours – I did them overnight)

Saute leek, onion & garlic in a butter/oil mix. Pop the lid on while it sautes to keep in flavour

Add veg stock (about 5 cups worth) and stir

Add carrots, potato & barley mix and bring to the boil. Turn down to a simmer for 5 mins

Add celery, seasoning, herbs and worcestershire sauce

Simmer for about 40 mins and serve

We had this with some christmas tree shaped garlic bread that we had left over in the freezer from Chrimbo – it was a delish addition!

It served 4 of us as our main meal tonight but 2 of us had seconds and there should be enough for 2 of us to have lunch tomorrow. At approx £1.13 for the full panful I was pleasantly suprised. But for arguments sake I will play it safe and say its about 30p a serving








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