Fish Goujons with hand-cut chips and minted mushy peas


Fish Goujons with hand-cut chips and minted mushy peas

Cost 66p per person

I’m on a very rare night out with my girlfriends tonight! Usually we pile around somebodys house, everyone brings a bottle and we pig out on chocolates and crisps. #bliss

But tonight, the local curry house is doing starter, main and a side for £9.99…Never one to pass on a bargain, I am putting aside my winter jammies and venturing out into the dark night…

Pre-parenting, all I had to worry about before a night out was how long I had to straighten my hair and powder my nose! But now I have 2 small mouths to feed…and so their dinner beckons before I can even think about lipstick!

They love a trip to the chippy, but considering the last trip cost the same as my monthly car insurance, we opted for a homemade alternative!

Please don’t misjudge me. We rarely indulge in fried foods, but the ‘old granny’ in me insists we have a pan of chip oil on the side at all times. There are no fancy fryers here…instead we have a basic heavy bottomed pan that was passed down to me many years ago my an elderly neighbour…And so this vintage pot sits everyday on my kitchen hob..with a pool of oil, just waiting for us to get a chippy-chip craving!

I leave the oil in each time, the oil is most probably ‘crisp and dry’ and it probably cost me £1. We top it up when it needs it and change it only if we have to. The longer it’s left though the better it tastes! Make sure you add a crunch of salt to it though it makes the flavour even better..not healthy though 😦


Fish Goujons, hand-cut chips & minted mushy peas (Serves 2)


300g frozen peas (30p Aldi)

100ml veg stock made with cube (3p Aldi)

3 tsp mint sauce (3p Aldi)

2 Fish fillets (Frozen from Iceland – Iceland do a ‘3 bags for tenner’ offer on their fish – this is white fish (aka pollock) – it tastes exactly like cod and is less over-farmed – (67p Iceland)

Potatoes, peeled (20p Iceland)

120g Plain flour (8p Aldi)

1 3/4 tsp baking powder (1p Aldi)

1/2 tsp salt

165ml ice cold water


Defrost your fish

Cut your potatoes into chips (make as many as you want, only you know how hungry you are!)

Preheat oven to low and heat your chip pan (remember chip pans are super dangerous if they catch fire. Be careful!)

Slice the fish into goujon size pieces. Make the batter by getting a bowl and mixing the flour, water, salt and baking powder. Dip a piece of fish into the batter and then into the hot oil

Continue with each piece until it is all done (it may not all fit in your pan so maybe do it in batches and keep it warm in oven while you make the rest.

When you’ve done all the fish, keep them warm in oven then move onto the potatoes, frying them in batches etc.

Whilst frying you can make your peas! Put the frozen peas in a pan. Add veg stock and bring to boil. Let simmer for 5 mins then mash up with a potato masher. Now add your mint sauce and a pinch of salt to taste if you want.

When everything is cooked, serve!



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