Salsa di pasta di verdure


Salsa di pasta di verdure

Serves 2 (cost 95p total)

So approx 43p per person

Dark, cold, winter nights twinned with a no-booze, no chocolate and no-sweets ban can leave the soul a little worse for wear…

I feel a carb-fest coming on….the plan was originally to make a basic tomato pasta dish but by the end we had tossed in whatever we found in the salad drawer…a few mushrooms…a handful of kale..a quick mix and you’ve got a new dish with a bangful of vitamins!

This is a super quick dish to knock together, perfect for when you dash in from work! It is also so here we go.


Tin of chopped tomatoes (31p Aldi)

100g Mushrooms (14p ‘rotten trolley at Tesco)

2 cloves of minced garlic (6p)

1 chopped onion (9p Aldi)

200g Spaghetti (10p Aldi)

Handful of curly kale (19p Aldi)

Veg stock cube (3p Aldi)

Balsamic vinegar, mixed herbs, salt & pepper ( add on 3p for arguments sake)


Get out a deep frying pan..Fry the onion in either butter or oil for 5 mins…add mushrooms and kale…mix the stock cube with half a cup of boiling water and pour over top…Let it start to bubble at the edges then turn it down to a simmer.

Get out a pan and add the tomatoes with the garlic followed by a splash of balsamic vinegar..let it simmer

In the meantime heat yourself a pan of hot water and cook the spaghetti according to pack instructions.

When you feel your stock in the first pan has reduced by at least half add the tomato mix in. Gently stir them together and season to taste with the salt, pepper and mixed herbs.

Serve over the spaghetti



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