Fish in Garlic Butter with Asparagus

Fish in garlic butter

Fish in garlic butter £4.57 in total, served 4 so was £1.15 per person

Served 4

I have a bit of a confession to make. Believe it or not, despite how organised I try to be sometimes things do happen and plans become dissolved in the blink of an eye. I write my meal-planners as a new month approaches but this does not always go to plan. As the dawn of a new week rises there are so many obstacles that can stand in my way – and so the approach I like to take is to just ride with it and be flexible. It is no good if a meal planner is stressing you out! Sometimes you may just ‘forgot’ to buy that jar of peanut butter for your chicken satay (see my ‘not so nutty’ chicken curry recipe). So, as does happen sometimes, last weeks meal planner had to have – shall we say – a bit of ‘improvisation’.

Saturday night was supposed to be fish night. I took the fish out first thing in the morning (like a good-girl) and left it defrosting on the side. I carried about my day and waited for the boys to get back from the footie so we could all sit down and enjoy our Saturday night dinner. Trouble was, husband and eldest boy were craving a takeaway. Apparently it was all they had spoken about during half-time! Taste buds were on a mission. I (being the sensible one) pointed out that although I have nothing against a spontaneous takeaway, there were 4 delicious pieces of fish waiting patiently on the side for us. I was given the ‘puppy eyes’, but they knew not to push it any further. I am not EVER going to throw away perfectly good food because of a weakness for sweet and sour chicken. Eldest son went upstairs in a strop and husband loomed around in the kitchen waiting to see if I would change my mind.

Fortunately, their stars must have been in some kind of line that night because low and behold the fish that had been sat there for at least 10 hours was still frozen in the middle…

Husband’s eyes gleamed as he shouted eldest boy to come back down the stairs. An uproarious announcement was declared. The fish was going back in the fridge for tomorrow and the take-away menus were coming out!

In the end it all worked out OK, the fish we saved for Sunday night and the Beef Bourgignon I had planned has been put on hold till next week. Saving me the cost of buying any ingredients for next weeks Sunday lunch.

So the moral of this story is that sometimes life may throw you some challenges in your meal-planning, and despite all the best intentions in the world you may have to just abandon your own ideas and go with the flow (or cave in to your families cravings!)

So here is the recipe for the very delicious – Should have been Saturday but is now Sunday’s:  Fish in Garlic Butter with new potatoes & asparagus.




2 Packs of Basa Fillets (£2.98 Aldi)

3 Cloves of Garlic, sliced thinly (9p)

Dried Parsley (1p)

Salt and Pepper (2p)

Butter (18p, Aldi)

Asparagus (99p, Aldi)

New Potatoes (30p, Aldi)




Make sure you give plenty of time to let the fish defrost…unless you too want to order a takeaway at the last minute!

Preheat the oven to about 190c. Lay the defrosted fish along the bottom of an oven dish and top with cubes of butter, garlic and the dried parsley (use as much parsley as you see fit)

Season with salt and pepper.

Cover with foil and put in the preheated oven.

In the meantime, boil your potatoes.

The fish takes about 25-30mins, basically it will be ready when it is white.

Lay the asparagus on top of the fish for the last 5 mins (it will steam nicely in the juices)

Serve with boiled potatoes.

Now wasn’t that super easy? Almost as easy as pulling the takeaway menu out of the cupboard……;)


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