Papa’s Pizza


We made 2 x 12.5inch pizzas (1 kids one and 1 adults one)

It cost 29p for the pizza dough, 38p for the tomato sauce base and £3.36 for our toppings. So a total of approx £2.02 per pizza…about a £1 per person

Obviously you can put whatever toppings on you like! If you are just a cheese and tomato fan then this will be loads cheaper for you!

We are HUGE pizza fans in our house, and because of this over the years we have tried and tested lots of different ways of making it.

About a year ago we dined in the Bradford Media Museum cafe, we of course chose ‘pizza’ and OMG it was to die for…we just couldn’t understand how a museum cafe could get it so right when so many takeaway pizzerias we’d tried had got it so wrong..

The base was soft but not too doughy, the edges were perfectly crisp and whats more the dough was stretched evenly and thinly. Just how we like it!

After many attempts we have finally perfected our own pizza and today I will share our secrets with you. We no longer buy shop bought pizzas- this is not a complicated recipe and letting the kids put their own toppings on has become a bit of a ritual in our house!

Ultimately named Papa’s pizza because he always gets the job of kneading the dough! It takes away the stresses of the day. I call it his ‘spa treatment’. I know, I’m mean.


Papa’s Pizza


For the dough

400g bread flour (20p, Aldi)

7g dried yeast (7p, Aldi)

1 tbsp olive oil (1p)

1 1/2 tsp salt (1p)

About 275ml lukewarm water

For the tomato base –

3/4 tin chopped tomatoes ( 23p, Aldi)

2 tbsp tomato chutney (14p, Aldi)

1 1/2 tsp mixed herbs (1p)


Get a large bowl. Put in flour, yeast, salt & oil. Add lukewarm water gradually. Mix…add..and mix…..add etc. Till it forms a dough. If sticky add a little more flour.

Leave for 5 mins in bowl covered with a tea towel. A warm place is best. We leave ours on the side its always warm in our kitchen.

Knead dough for 10 mins in bowl till elastic in texture. Split into 2 equal balls (ooh matron!)

Sprinkle flour on a tea towel and sit balls on towel….Cover with a slightly damp tea towel and leave to rise for 30 mins. I found this gave me just enough time to make ANOTHER lemon drizzle cake! Hahaha

Flour a clean surface


and roll the dough out to the thinness of a pancake (about 30-32 cms in diameter).


Add your tomato sauce (made by just mixing the ingredients together)

Follow with your toppings and cheese

We had an adults one and a kids one, our toppings were:

Pack of pepperoni (79p, Aldi)

Grated mozzarella (£1.35, Aldi)

Mushrooms (16p, Aldi)

Bacon Lardons (50p, Aldi) the rest were used in my bean & bacon soup)

Rocket (8p, Aldi)

1 big tomato (5p, Aldi)

1 mozzarella ball (43p, Aldi)

Bake in an oven, preheated 250c for 10-12 mins or longer if you want the base crispier.

We have a clay pizza base…if you are going to be making lots of pizza it is well worth investing in one!

Kids Pizza


Our pizza



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