Tomato & Garlic Soup

Tomato Soup

Tomato & Garlic Soup 23p a serving.

This is such a quick and easy recipe…so much so that I managed to make it AND eat it in my lunch break from work!

It has so much more flavour than the tinned variety and has no additives or nasties!

If you don’t like garlic then leave it out, but I believe it helps ward off colds and the flu so I put garlic in anything and everything during these cold winter months! Apart from dessert of course, that would be just wrong.


Tomato & Garlic Soup


Splash of vegetable oil for frying (1p)

1 onion, finely chopped (9p, Aldi)

400g tin of chopped tomatoes (31p, Aldi)

1 large garlic clove, minced (3p)

250ml of vegetable stock, made from a stock cube (3p, Aldi)

Salt & Pepper to taste


Fry the onion in the hot oil for a couple of minutes.

Add the tomatoes, followed by the stock and garlic. Mix

Bring to the boil and then turn down low to simmer.

Season to taste.

After it’s simmered for a few minutes (give you enough time to butter some bread if you want) then blend it up with a hand blender.

Serve. Simples.


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